We started the trip right, with free beer at the hotel in Syracuse where we left our car (good show, comfort suites!) and dress shopping for my brothers wedding. And then at 2:00 this morning a wind storm came through that made the vent in the bathroom slam continually and then the hotel lost power. Strange thing, being in a hotel with the lights out…no elevators, no key codes… But anyway we got the van to the airport and after a looong but uneventful day of being in planes we have arrived in Maui!
Our friend …

It’s really real!

I’ve left my job. Gave away my cat (to a loving friend). And┬áSaturday I sold my car. It’s really real now.
Goodbye Saab!
I’m about to take off on a trip. Yes I have a plan, I have googled and read many lonely planet guides and set airplane ticket price alerts. But I’m also getting ready to trust my intuition. ┬áMy friend Hannah was recently telling me about the first time she went abroad; she says that looking back she was a different person because while in a strange place you feel more and trust yourself more. …