Off to Barcelona

It’s decided. Diana is heading east further up this path where the weather is warmer and walking back to where she met me. We may yet meet up after the Pyrenees depending on both of our timing.
I’m heading to Barcelona to take a week of Spanish classes. I figure if I have to sit around waiting to heal, I might as well be productive, and I can take a bus to wherever in Spain that I want to start walking again.
I spent the day on the Internet googling language schools all across Spain until Diana …


It looks like this didn’t upload for some reason! This was the day before I decided to go to Spain to rest.
Yesterday was a very strange day. It started out looking like the rain might blow over, but sure enough around 11 it started again. We had started on the road and around 10 decided walking in the mud would be better than along this awful highway, so we were in the woods along a cute little path. By as soon as the rain started we bundled up and didn’t look around much.
We missed …

Maubourguet and rain

Rain rain rain. All day today. We decided to walk along the road instead of the muddy paths, but most of it was long straight bits that were painful to walk along. The wind came and went but was always in our faces, never at our backs. I sang ‘singing in the rain’ im my head most of the day. I almost got bit by a dog, I had to face off with him for awhile until Diana caught up and threw a rock at it. At that point we had both had enough …

Montesquiou and St Christaud

A lovely day. I’m not as sore as I thought I would be, just a little tender in the hips and shoulders from the pack. One more blister today, on the side of my big toe, but nothing that hurts too much. My knees did bither me some this morning when I got up so Im paying more attention to stretching and hopefully it’ll work itself out.
The day started off very grey, although not rainy, and then the afternoon was all sunshine and blue sky. Still a good temp, maybe high 60s, although the …

Long day

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of energy tonight but let’s see how much I get out before falling asleep. I’ve been trying to upload a little video I recorded today when i stopped for lunch but it wouldnt go.
Today was my first whole day of walking and it was unusually long (most gites/bnbs are closed until after Easter or the beginning of April); 27 kilometers which is 16.77 miles. I didn’t think I’d have much problem so we dallied around the gite this morning and set out around 930. I insisted on walking …