Even in the Rain


The day after we went to Mykines we woke up to rain, but we weren’t upset about it. We had a day of driving and sight-seeing planned and were lucky enough that whenever we wanted to get out and walk around the rain let up into a gentle mist and fog.
Our first stop was Saksun, a tiny town on the cliffs high above a protected cove. We took a long walk down to the beach – it used to open to the ocean but sand filled in the mouth of the cove during a big storm …

Faroe Islands: Mykines


We were incredibly lucky that we got 2 sunny days in the Faroes, and we made very good use of both of them. On our first morning we woke up early, had a lovely breakfast (typical scandinavian fare of bread, cheese, jams, fruit, and a boiled egg) and then headed for the ferry. Now-a-days a lot of the islands are connected by bridges or tunnels, but some are still only accessible by boat or helicopter (more on that later). Mykines was our first destination and I had booked the ferry ahead of time. It only …

Faroe Islands: Intro


I’m back! Usually I try to post about a trip while I’m still on it, but in the summer the sun never sets where I was last week (really, I mean that) and therefore we adventured all night and got back out again in the wee hours for more fun with no time to sit up and blog. So here I am on my couch, watching the photos download onto my computer and I almost can’t believe they’re real.

The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 little islands halfway between Scotland and Iceland, and absolutely one of …

Snow Camping in Tahoe


I apologize for my serious lapse in adventure posting recently. The last 2+ months have found me studying for hours after work nearly every day in preparation for my California special Professional Engineer exams. I’m taking the first of the exams in about 4 days and in order to keep from over-studying (which I’m still not convinced is a thing) I’m going to take a break to share a new experience I recently had! I’ve been giving myself one weekend off a month and in March it was to learn more about snow camping!
The Tahoe Rim …

Red Rock Canyon & Nightmare Gulch


Well I’m embarrassingly behind in posting my adventures. How I’m able to keep you updated to all my overseas travels almost daily but fail to write about camping trips I took months ago I can’t understand. But let’s start the recap with how this year started for me – Red Rock Canyon State Park (CA).

I had 4 days free over New Years weekend and I was craving the desert. I didn’t want to drive the whole 8 hours to Joshua Tree or the Mojave, and I found a little green dot on google maps called Red …