Snow Camping in Tahoe


I apologize for my serious lapse in adventure posting recently. The last 2+ months have found me studying for hours after work nearly every day in preparation for my California special Professional Engineer exams. I’m taking the first of the exams in about 4 days and in order to keep from over-studying (which I’m still not convinced is a thing) I’m going to take a break to share a new experience I recently had! I’ve been giving myself one weekend off a month and in March it was to learn more about snow camping!
The Tahoe Rim …

Red Rock Canyon & Nightmare Gulch


Well I’m embarrassingly behind in posting my adventures. How I’m able to keep you updated to all my overseas travels almost daily but fail to write about camping trips I took months ago I can’t understand. But let’s start the recap with how this year started for me – Red Rock Canyon State Park (CA).

I had 4 days free over New Years weekend and I was craving the desert. I didn’t want to drive the whole 8 hours to Joshua Tree or the Mojave, and I found a little green dot on google maps called Red …

The Flower Carrier


One of my oldest and dearest friends sent me this hand-painted image on hand-made paper from Mexico a few weeks ago. It is an image I’ve looked at over and over and over again. It’s called “Cargador de Flores” or in English, the Flower Carrier.

I have been in such a funk for the last few weeks. I refuse to let politics into this space, but I’m realizing that the divisive, aggressive atmosphere of this world that we’re living in right now is affecting me. And I don’t want to block it out. As much as I want …

Solo Backpacking in Lassen NP


It’s fair to say I’ve camped by myself a lot more than the average human. I’ve probably car-camped 50-100 nights at trailheads, on forest service roads, and in campgrounds. I’ve also backpacked solo more than most people, which is easy to say since most people have never and will never do it. Even among my really outdoorsy friends I can count on one hand the people I know who have done it. And I get it. I will not say it’s easy. But it is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. And every time I …

Brussels and Bruges


First, Brussels. I did not like it.
I arrived around 7:40 pm, the sun was going down but it wasn’t dark yet. I had decided to spend a night in Brussels as a convenient stop-over between Amsterdam and France, and didn’t know what to expect. I decided to walk to my hotel, which was in the south of the city. My first impressions were neither comforting nor beautiful. Prostitutes in windows in the red light district next to the train station. Military everywhere downtown, central squares closed off around the Stock Market and the major train …