My First Run-in with Altitude Sickness


I’ve been a little busy the last 3 months, so here is the first post of hopefully many to get caught up on my adventures!
My partner/boyfriend/best friend Ben left in early May to work in Alaska as a commercial salmon fisherman for the summer. Now you all know that I’m not shy about doing things on my own, but this summer I did a few questionable things. I’m still not sure if this is a sign of my increased confidence and backcountry skills, or wether I was being reckless. Either way, this was a day …



I have a bucket-list, albeit a pretty short one these days. I never even thought to put a helicopter ride on the list, but if I had, I would have checked it off in the Faroe Islands!
Before going to the Faroes I did some reading on other blogs and found a couple mentions of the helicopter taxi.  The idea is that since some of the islands are SO remote that there isn’t even a regular ferry, the government subsidizes – what else – a helicopter taxi. Tourists are only allowed to take it one-way so it …

Even in the Rain


The day after we went to Mykines we woke up to rain, but we weren’t upset about it. We had a day of driving and sight-seeing planned and were lucky enough that whenever we wanted to get out and walk around the rain let up into a gentle mist and fog.
Our first stop was Saksun, a tiny town on the cliffs high above a protected cove. We took a long walk down to the beach – it used to open to the ocean but sand filled in the mouth of the cove during a big storm …

Faroe Islands: Mykines


We were incredibly lucky that we got 2 sunny days in the Faroes, and we made very good use of both of them. On our first morning we woke up early, had a lovely breakfast (typical scandinavian fare of bread, cheese, jams, fruit, and a boiled egg) and then headed for the ferry. Now-a-days a lot of the islands are connected by bridges or tunnels, but some are still only accessible by boat or helicopter (more on that later). Mykines was our first destination and I had booked the ferry ahead of time. It only …

Faroe Islands: Intro


I’m back! Usually I try to post about a trip while I’m still on it, but in the summer the sun never sets where I was last week (really, I mean that) and therefore we adventured all night and got back out again in the wee hours for more fun with no time to sit up and blog. So here I am on my couch, watching the photos download onto my computer and I almost can’t believe they’re real.

The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 little islands halfway between Scotland and Iceland, and absolutely one of …