T-25 days and I have knee pain

First thing, I received my Pilgrim’s Passport inCredential the mail! Also called the “Credential” it’s the piece of paper that I need to get stamped at every place I stay in order to prove I have walked the distance. Actually, I even need it to get in to each of the places I’m going to stay. It’s what proves I am a pilgrim. Most people pick theirs up where they start, but since I’m beginning in a small town in the middle of two typical staring points, I ordered mine from American Pilgrims on the Camino. On the inside cover  is a bit titled “The Spirit of the Camino”:

Live in the Moment;

Welcome each day – it’s pleasures and it’s challenges;

Feel the Spirit of those who have gone before you;

Imagine those who will follow you;

Appreciate those who walk with you today.

So now that I’m so super excited and my countdown is under a month, I’ve been walking 5+ miles a day up and down hills with my pack. I’ve been trying to build up to 12 miles which I expect will be my average daily distance on the Camino. But a few days ago I started having a strange pain in the outside of my left knee, so it seems I’ve been a little overzealous in my training. After getting advice from a couple of good PT friends, I think it’s either tendonitis or patella femoral pain syndrome (PFPS).  The only thing to do is rest it, ice it, strengthen my hip muscles, and stretch (and use new supportive boot inserts). So unfortunately now that the trip is in sight, I need to slow down…. Another good lesson in patience and trusting that what is meant to happen will happen. And anyway, I’d much rather learn how to care for my knees here.

The other thing going on is a complicated family trip to Panama next week! Turns out I need to get to Hartford to fly to Newark to fly to Panama, which is proving difficult now that I’ve sold my car and my friends in CT have crazy schedules.  So, trust Nicole, don’t stress, you’ll get there. So much good going on! I’m excited to see everything unfold.

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