Long day

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of energy tonight but let’s see how much I get out before falling asleep. I’ve been trying to upload a little video I recorded today when i stopped for lunch but it wouldnt go.

Today was my first whole day of walking and it was unusually long (most gites/bnbs are closed until after Easter or the beginning of April); 27 kilometers which is 16.77 miles. I didn’t think I’d have much problem so we dallied around the gite this morning and set out around 930. I insisted on walking in the official route even though it is sometimes a long way around. Diana decided to take a bus most of the way today since it rained all night and it has been rainy and muddy for her for the last week. We parted ways at the Cathedral of St Marie in Auch (which is known for the 3 musketeers and has a statue of d’artagnon outside)! I left the cathedral about 11:30 with 24 k to go. The first bit was nice, but hilly. And then it started raining off and on and was SO windy today, of course always in my face. I did walk through a national forest which was lovely and filled my water bottle from a fountain. On and on through rolling hills, mostly on Tarmac but sometimes along little field or forest paths that were pretty but very muddy and difficult walking. I started getting a blister but its not bad yet because I changed my socks early afternoon and put on some moleskin. I had a little picnic lunch of the rest of the bread from yesterday and some cheese I bought at the market in Auch. I passed through the town of Barran which has one of 33 cathedrals in Europe (I think that’s what the sign said) with a spiral tower. Pretty neat!

About 4:00 I was totally tired and still had 7 k to go! My knees feel good, thank goodness, but my hips are a bit sore and the bottoms of my feet ache! Anyway, I pushed on and around 4:30 spotted Diana walking towards me from the other direction! She had actually gotten a ride to the gite from the station (mostly by accident and its silly to turn down a free ride!) and couldn’t stand sitting around all afternoon in this funny little town so she came to join me. And a good thing she did, it took my mind off my feet and I matched her pace and got here just before 6. As soon as we got in I took off my boots and ate the last Reese’s egg that I had been saving. It was just the thing, I needed a treat, and now I’m realizing I ate my candy a day shy of Easter!

The lady we’re getting rooms from is from northern England and made us proper English tea and then a nice comforting meal of nettle soup, baked chicken, potatoes, cabbage, and strawberries and cream for dessert. Now I’m to bed early and hoping I won’t be too sore tomorrow, as we have another 20 k (12.4 miles). One bad thing, I just noticed my passport got a little wet somehow and now there are spots on my photo. It’s not so bad, you can still clearly see me, but does anyone else have any experiences with this? I’m sure it happens a lot, it was under 3 layers of clothes and barely got damp, not like I dropped it in a puddle or anything. Pretty disappointing that it affected it at all.

That’s all for now. Peter, I took a lot more photos today, as requested 🙂














3 comments for “Long day

  1. Barb Parker
    March 30, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    I get tired just reading this. I’m off to have dinner with Robin and your Mom. Sleep well.

  2. Scott Hamshaw
    March 30, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    You should be fine with your passport. We knew someone that just flew to hong kong and the phillipines with a passport that had gone swimming three times and was really beat up and he didn’t have any problems.

    Have fun!

    Scott (& Kelly)

  3. March 31, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    the photos are great. What are you using? Your cell phone? Loved the cathedral shots.

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