It’s really real!

I’ve left my job. Gave away my cat (to a loving friend). And┬áSaturday I sold my car. It’s really real now.

Goodbye Saab!

Goodbye Saab!

I’m about to take off on a trip. Yes I have a plan, I have googled and read many lonely planet guides and set airplane ticket price alerts. But I’m also getting ready to trust my intuition. ┬áMy friend Hannah was recently telling me about the first time she went abroad; she says that looking back she was a different person because while in a strange place you feel more and trust yourself more. You feel whether getting on a train heading to Vienna instead of Amsterdam is right, and you trust that feeling.

And right now, my intuition is telling me this is the right decision.

Before I officially ‘leave on my European trip’ I’m heading to Hawaii (Maui) with my Mom and then Panama with my Grandad. But I wanted to start my journey officially with Vermont, and this is my last night here, sharing hot chocolate with friends in front of the fire. It’s a great start!

Where to?

Where to?

3 comments for “It’s really real!

  1. Holly
    January 30, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    LOVE the picture of you pondering!! You’re so darn cute!!

  2. Kathleen
    January 30, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    NKM: it is oh so real!! you will have turly an amazing adventure. Thanks for commiting to post your journey so that everyone back home can be part of it!

  3. Robert Reynolds
    February 27, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Nicole –
    My first visit to your blog, and I am so compulsive I need to begin responding – at the beginning.
    You sold the Saab?! At least you will be able to revisit your cat!

    Although this is quite astoundingly ‘real’ I think you are so right in making this decision. I have never understood my own culture so clearly as when I viewing it from afar and in the midst of somewhere else. I wish I had figured this out at your age!

    Your train example needs to be modified. It is one thing to decide if Zurich is a better choice than Amsterdam, but the real challenge is finding the damn train to Zurich and not inadvertently the one to Amsterdam! I will tell you later about getting off the ‘wrong’ train in the middle of a rural field and wondering when the next one will arrive to carry me backwards.

    Enjoy every experience!


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