Hawaii is Great

So we got back from Hawaii, I succumbed to a cold after doing an all-nighter with 3 planes, a van and a long car ride, slept the better part of 2 days, and then went to a Hawaiian themed dance party at a local joint last night! There was a great band and we had so much fun!

Mom Party

Mom Dance










Hawaii was really a great start to my trip for many reasons, one being that living with my Mother in a small, somewhat isolated cabin reminded me how used to living alone I have gotten. My Mom is wonderful and it has been so good to spend this time with her, but of course, living in close quarters with ANYONE things start to get on your nerves. A wood-fired Japanese hot tub helped relieve some of the tension, and without a doubt it was good to work on my patience before setting out on a trip that will see me to sharing hostel rooms with 6, 10, who knows how many people!

It has also been wonderful to walk on the beach, hair flowing in the breeze, toenails painted, cute sunglasses, embracing my feminine. Not to mention the gift of time spent with some amazing women, snorkeling, hiking, sunsets on the beach, going to ridiculous yoga classes… I’m so done done done with carhartts and steel-toed boots for a long time!

I’ve started making day by day plans for my walking pilgrimage across France and Spain, which will start on March 26! I connected with a british woman on a Camino de Santiago forum (the internet is amazing) who speaks fluent French and we’re going to walk together for the first couple of weeks, walking from Auch, in the Languedoc region of France which produces one third of their wine grapes (did you know there is a 1.7 billion wine bottle surplus in Europe every year called the “wine lake”?), walking west, south through the Pyrenees, and then to Pamplona where we will meet up with the “Camino Frances,” which is the most popular route to Santiago de Compostela that most of the books and movies are about. Then I’ll walk “by myself” (meaning with however many other pilgrims are on the same daily stage as me) west across Spain to the coast.

4 comments for “Hawaii is Great

  1. Bob Gerber
    February 25, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Hey Suzy Cream cheese, I’ve got my eye on you! (reference Frank Zappa)

  2. Holly
    February 27, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    It sounds like Hawaii was just what you needed!! Just sounds fantastic! I’m enjoying reading all your post and will continue stalking you as much as possible! I think my favorite sentence was “Iā€™m so done done done with carhartts and steel-toed boots for a long time!” Good for you!!
    Will you be coming back to Vermont before you leave the end of March? If so, I would LOVE to see you! Little girl cat says her too! šŸ™‚
    Miss you!!!

  3. Robert Reynolds
    February 27, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    Nicole –
    You may by now be sorry your Mom give me your blog, but I really enjoy your reflections.

    Actually, I do know about the wine glut and have experience (and hang-over experiences) with the ready availability of really really good wine at $1 a bottle – right out of the winery before the labels were applied. Enjoy, but don’t feel you need to deplete that wine lake.

    Partial explanation? With the EU, international trade and electronic communication has meant that the Mediterranean lunch ‘hour ‘ has become truly an hour. Only the tourists now sip wine over a long leisurely lunch while the ‘working’ crowd now guzzles a beer and gets back to work. Beer consumption has sky-rocketed, and wine consumption is down 35%. I know, probably more factoids than you want to know, but observe drinking behaviors in the various cultures you are exploring…

    Hummm, too bad your Mom doesn’t have a blog too. The comparisons would be hugely amusing…


  4. Alex Cameron
    February 28, 2013 at 10:04 am


    Thinking about your adventure this week. Glad to have a way of hearing how it’s going.

    Grace and peace,


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