Tulip does Catalina (and Meets a Bison)

In case you were wondering, my good friend Tulip Madfeathers still adventures with me occasionally. He isn’t a sprightly as he used to me and his stuffing is showing a bit around the middle, but he managed to pull through for me on this trip. He still loves to scare me (look ma, 2 feet!)


He still isn’t crazy about ramen but it’s so light it’s all he ever carries on long trips.


One new thing this trip was the Bison! He has never seen or even heard of a bison before! First he smelled a bit of hair that was stuck on our picnic table from them scratching:


He thought it smelled very grassy and thought bison must be small, until he saw a footprint!


He could Not believe how big they were, but he constantly defended them on the whole trip. When I was nervous around them he told me they’re just misunderstood, like polar bears.


5 comments for “Tulip does Catalina (and Meets a Bison)

  1. February 3, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Tulip is still looking pretty good these days. Glad to see him back out and about. I do hope he exercises caution around those bison. That bit of stuffing around his middle could get flattened in a splat if he gets caught up in a situation with one of those big boys. Cheers to you both!

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