Well it was a pretty good day today. I started it the right way, with some yoga and stretches, and then went out and found a chocolate croissant and expresso. First things first! The croissant lived up to my high expectations, flaky in the outside, chewy on the inside, not too airy, not to dense. Just right. Then I basically wandered around the city for the last 4 hours (I’m guessing I walked about 15 k, or 9ish miles). I found the Notre Dame (not the super famous one) and the botanical gardens. The gardens had a big pond system with a whole bunch of different birds swimming around. the only ones I recognized were the mallards and canada geese, and it was really weird to realize that they are imports here! I saw a sign for the Anglican church but never found it. The knee felt good until about 1:30 when it acted up a little, as well as the bottoms of my feet, so I made my way back to the apartment to sit for a bit and change my socks.

The city is lovely, pretty quiet, not much traffic. The tallest building I saw in the old city was 5 stories but most are either 2 or 3 so it feels comfortable and intimate. On my way back to the apartment I needed to find lunch somewhere but just couldn’t decide on a place. I kept passing cafes but I couldn’t understand anything on their menus, except occasionally canard (which I think means duck?) and frites (fries). I don’t know what I was waiting for, so I decided to just force myself to go to the next place I saw. And then down a little road named Mercy Street I saw a cute little shady cafe and committed. And would you believe I had found myself again on the Camino (Chemin du st Jacques they say in French) so I sat outside and ate my sandwich (half a baguette stuffed with salmon, fresh mozzerella, tomato and some basil salad) under the sign of the Camino. It is marked by the sunrise/scallop shell symbol on the street sign as well as an inlaid in the paving stones. I ordered just fine and funny enough the only tense moment all day happened when the lady said something to me as I was walking out the door with my sandwich. I turned around and tried to ask what she said, and we both got confused, until the other waitress came over and said they just wished me a good day. And smiles all around. I’m really pleased with the folks here. They all seem to keep to themselves (which suits me just fine) except when you ask something and then they are helpful and kind. Even though I know I stick out with my hiking pants and boots on, one lady even asked me for directions (in French) so I must not be SO in-French looking 🙂 A lot of people get around on bicycles, except when they’re walking their cute little dogs (Robin, I saw a Havanese that looked just like Suki!)





Notre dame





This flamingo sculpture in the garden made me thonk of Grandma Kyle for some reason



Can anyone identify this mushroom shaped conifer?



I spotted in from down the street and had to say hello for my tree loving family




2 comments for “Bordeaux

  1. ellen!
    March 28, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    sounds like such a wonderful first day! hooray for you!

  2. March 28, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Suki and I send our regards to Camino. Oh the croissants in France! Ohmygosh please enjoy one for me because that’s what I miss most about France. I wonder if changing your socks helped your knee feel better? I hope you have an extra pair or two. Gonna make that red lentil soup today. Wish I could trade it for a croissant though. Cheers!

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