Redwood National Park

Sorry folks, I’m not in Nepal or Cambodia, but I did just get back from a beautiful trip to northern California and thought you might enjoy a few lush pictures!

Also, potential news flash, Benjamin (one of the men I met in Nepal during the earthquakes and who I visited in Colorado multiple times last year) and I are a pretty serious thing now, however you want to say that. He’s been living in California for a few months and just got a new job 2 blocks away from my apartment in Napa. So you’ll be seeing him in a lot of my photos, but he’s so handsome I doubt you’ll mind. He’s not much of a picture taker himself but he’s trying to get better so you can hopefully get a few shots of me as well!

Now, on to the adventures.

I’ve been unemployed for 2 months after getting laid off due to construction delays, and I’ve been using the time to get caught up on a lot of things, help out friends, and do some (domestic) traveling. Since Ben had some time between jobs we decided to get away and drove North up the coast to the Redwood National Park. I called the ranger station ahead of time and was able to talk them into filling out a camping permit for us to pick up after hours. This ended up including directions down a 6-mile dirt road and a gate lock code that changed daily, but got us to the Tall Tree Grove.


Can you see Ben’s outline?

IMG_4146 IMG_4157IMG_4143

Our dispersed camping permit let us camp anywhere we wanted along Redwood Creek, and we found an amazing spot on a gravel bar surrounded by water. It was so quiet we could hear all the ducks and other river birds flying around the bend. We also got to help out a couple who was wandering around looking very lost with little bookish backpacks and carrying their sleeping bags in their hands, presumably very new to camping. It’s always fun to make the woods a safe place for others.


IMG_4153In the morning after a lot more neck-aching staring upwards at the impossibly tall trees, it was off to Fern Canyon! I visited the place with my cousin last year and knew Ben would go nuts for it. And, just like with Ellen, we happened upon a big old elk on the way who didn’t care about us even a little bit. We saw a bunch of elk and deer on this trip and I love seeing them this early in the season when their antlers are still velvety. The Roosevelt elk here are the largest of the elk subspecies, and he easily weighed 900 lbs.


Fern Canyon is in the Purisima Redwood State Park, and it feels like you’re transported into another era. In fact part of Jurassic Park 2 was filmed there! The canyon is about a mile long and is home to 8 species of ferns covering 50-80 foot canyon walls that are constantly dripping with fresh water.


IMG_4195IMG_4202IMG_4177IMG_4203 IMG_4192

Hopefully this was a welcome mental get-away on your Monday. Next post: the Lost Coast Trail. Which was amazing. You’ll love it.

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  1. June 6, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    So great to hear from you again, Nicole. So, where’s Ben? hard to find him here and I’ve been looking. Cheers!

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