Nicole Returns to Nepal and Needs Help

Well, a lot has happened in the last 6 months, although it may not feel like it. After returning from Asia and a brief visit to Colorado I was hired by a sustainable house building design-build firm in Napa, CA. The last few months have felt long as I try to settle in and make a home for myself. In some ways it has been harder than expected, and in some ways easier. I hope to tease more of that out in the following weeks. But I am already looking across the Ocean again, and have gotten approval for a month-long hiatus while construction is held off by the long-awaited rains.

In 2 weeks I will be getting on a plane headed back to Nepal. When I purchased these tickets I planned on continuing the work building shelters for earthquake victims. Now it seems that while I may be building things, the shelter project is currently on hold due to material and fuel price hikes because of India’s blockade (in response to a new Constitution and civil unrest). Our partners in Kathmandu have to wait 12-24 hours to get fuel to cook with, and car rental prices have quadrupled.

Instead of being disappointed, I am making new goals for my trip that will be more accessible. A library was recently built in the village that I lived and worked in for 2 weeks back in May, and its new shelves are mostly empty. So:

I’m hoping to raise $300 to buy Nepali language books when I land in Kathmandu. I am also hoping to receive donated English language books before I leave the US to hand deliver to my friends in Ghusel. I would be so touched if any of you could help out. A donation as small as $5 will get me closer to my goal. I have never asked for help on this forum, but right now we need it. I recently heard that children are getting hypothermia where aid has not been able to reach them, and any additional money I raise will go to buying warm winter clothes.

In the coming days I will make a more detailed post, but this is time sensitive so I hope you will forgive my brevity. Please contact me if you are willing and able to help. Donations can be mailed directly to me and funds can be sent through PayPal HERE –



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