We’re here safely in Panama. The weather was lovely today, not the 97 degrees forecasted. We spent the day just hanging at the beach and pool after a late night yesterday (we got in around 12:30).

My cousin Anais who is a physical therapist took a look at my knee and determined that my knee cap is migrating and running on the tendon that runs inside the knee. So she taped it up with fancy kinesio tape this morning and it definitely made a big difference! It still hurts when I cross my knees or lie with it out at an angle but I’m hopeful we’re on the right track!

My cousin Erin had one thing she wanted this trip; to see a sloth. So she and my uncle sign up for a nature walk today through the resort, they’re the only two on the walk, and would you believe the guide spotted a baby sloth that was abandoned. So my cousin got to carry it all the way back here, and the guide is going to put him in a tree and feed him for the next few months. A pretty good start!




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