Packing for Europe!

I’m packing up a small bag of ‘real’ clothes for after I finish the Camino! I need to bag it now to deliver to my cousin this weekend who will hopefully meet me in Spain at the finish line.

With the exception one one more pair of fancy ultra fast drying underwear, it’s all here! I figure I can always buy something there if I need, logically the best way to get European style is to shop in Europe! I mean, everyone over there is super fashionable, right?

So here is the list: 20130306-164057.jpg
1 light jacket
1 pair black jeans
1 pair white capris
1 black skirt
1 shirtdress
1 light sweater
2 long sleeve shirts
2 short sleeve shirts
3 tank tops
2 bras
3 pair fancy quick drying underwear
2 scarves
1 pair sandals
1 pair flats

One caveat; provided they’re not totally disgusting after every other day wear for 6 weeks I’m planning to hang on to a pair of hiking pants and boots in case I get the opportunity to hike in Switzerland, Norway, Scotland, Black Forest Germany…….

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