Tulip does Catalina (and Meets a Bison)

In case you were wondering, my good friend Tulip Madfeathers still adventures with me occasionally. He isn’t a sprightly as he used to me and his stuffing is showing a bit around the middle, but he managed to pull through for me on this trip. He still loves to scare me (look ma, 2 feet!)

He still isn’t crazy about ramen but it’s so light it’s all he ever carries on long trips.

One new thing this trip was the Bison! He has never seen or even heard of a bison before! First he smelled a bit …

Tulip in the High Sierras

For the last 8 days Tulip and I hiked 80 miles of the John Muir Trail with a few friends, mostly above 10,000 ft. He took up a familiar place in my pack and kept me warm on cold nights.
Like me, Tulip most loves the really high passes. We went over 12,000 feet twice!

We all loved the little stone hut at the top of Muir Pass:

And Tulip even made friends with some very relaxed marmots. Can you spot two in this picture (below)?

Tulip in the Faroe Islands

Tulip still goes with me on all my trips, but you probably noticed he’s been a bit camera shy lately. He’s nearing middle age, you know, so he’s been a bit self conscious. His stuffing is sagging and don’t even mention all the white hair…
But this trip to the Faroe Islands was so beautiful that I caught him unsuspecting a few times!

Hanging out with some weird-looking sheep.

On the ferry to Mykines!

Enjoying the view!